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Have you ever wondered how you would manage unexpected expenses during a hospital stay? Medical emergencies can strike any time and even with a healthcare insurance cover, out-of-pocket costs can quickly add up. While medical insurance plans address major medical bills, they may not cover incidental expenses that arise during hospitalisation. This is where hospital cash healthcare insurance plans come in. 


But the question arises: what is hospital cash healthcare insurance? What do they cover, and what do they not cover? What are the advantages of these medical insurance plans? Do not worry. This article will guide you. This article will answer all these questions for you; just read this article till the end. 

What is Hospital Cash Healthcare Insurance?

Hospital cash healthcare insurance is an insurance policy that offers a predetermined amount for each day you are hospitalised beyond 24 hours. This daily allowance is given to you to handle various expenses incurred during hospitalisation. 


It can also be used to manage extra medical costs associated with hospital stays. These features can either be included in a basic plan or acquired as additional cover. 

What is Covered Under Hospital Cash Healthcare Insurance?

When doing health insurance planning, it is important to understand what is covered under the hospital cash healthcare insurance. This best health insurance in India covers the following: 


  • Daily cash allowance for hospitalisation


  • Intensive care unit (ICU) charges


  • Surgical expenses


  • Diagnostic tests and medical expenses


  • Doctor's fees


  • Ambulance charges


  • Post-hospitalisation expenses


  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses


  • Daycare procedures


  • Critical illness cover (optional/additional)


  • Additional benefits for specified conditions or treatments

What is not Covered Under Hospital Cash Healthcare Insurance?

While hospital cash health insurance provides valuable coverage during hospitalisation, there are certain exclusions to keep in mind. Some of them include:


  • Pre-existing medical conditions


  • Hospitalisation due to self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide


  • Hospitalisation for treatments not deemed medically necessary


  • Cosmetic procedures


  • Pregnancy-related expenses, unless specified in the policy


  • Treatment for injuries sustained during participation in hazardous activities or sports


  • Experimental or investigational treatments


  • Illnesses or injuries resulting from war or acts of terrorism


  • Certain chronic conditions or congenital disorders


  • Treatment received outside the coverage area or network


  • Expenses incurred beyond the policy's coverage limits or duration


  • Any medical expenses not directly related to hospitalisation


  • Any expenses not explicitly mentioned in the policy's coverage details

What are the Advantages of Hospital Cash Healthcare Insurance?

Hospital cash healthcare insurance offers several advantages. Some of them are: 

1. Daily Cash Benefit

The primary feature of a hospital cash healthcare insurance policy is the daily cash benefit. You receive this fixed amount for each day they spend in the hospital. The amount is predetermined and does not depend on the actual hospital expenses. 


This can be particularly beneficial in managing incidental expenses during hospitalisation, such as travel costs for family members, meals, and other personal needs. Thus, having this feature in your policy makes it an essential part of health insurance planning.

2. Coverage of Non-Medical Expenses

Regular healthcare insurance policies typically cover medical expenses such as doctor’s fees, room charges, and the cost of medicines. However, a patient incurs many non-medical expenses during hospitalisation. 


These include transportation costs, food expenses, and even loss of income during hospitalisation. The best health insurance in India for hospital cash provides coverage for these expenses, thus providing a comprehensive financial safety net.

3. No Bills Required

One of the critical advantages of hospital cash healthcare insurance is the ease of claim settlement. Unlike traditional healthcare insurance policies, where you must submit detailed medical bills to claim the insurance amount, hospital cash policies do not require bill submission. 


It provides a daily cash benefit based on the number of days you are hospitalised, making the claim process more straightforward and hassle-free.

4. Convalescence Benefit

In case of a prolonged hospitalisation period that, hospital cash policies provide a lump sum known as a convalescence or recuperating benefit. This is designed to help the insured manage the increased financial burden due to prolonged hospitalisation.

5. Complements Regular Healthcare Insurance

While doing health insurance planning, you must understand that a hospital cash policy is not meant to replace your regular healthcare insurance. Your regular healthcare insurance policy covers your medical bills, and the hospital ash policy takes care of the additional financial needs that arise during hospitalisation. This ensures that you have comprehensive financial coverage during medical emergencies.


Hospital cash insurance can provide valuable financial protection during a stressful hospitalisation. It's a flexible and customisable option that can work well alongside other healthcare insurance plans. 

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