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Eight Texans Can Academies campuses have set up ways to help their students, who are eligible to vote, register before the upcoming election. These campuses include Texans Can Academy - Dallas Grant East, Dallas Pleasant Grove, Dallas Ross Avenue, Houston Southwest, Houston Hobby, San Antonio, San Antonio Highlands, and Fort Worth Westcreek.

Texans Can Academy - Dallas Grant East recently hosted a “Voter Registration Roundup”, along with Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE), on National Voters Registration Day, September 25. The ACE program provides high quality supplemental enrichment activities that align with the regular academic program; and programs are encouraged to deliver those activities in creative, hands-on, and exploratory ways. Volunteers from St. Luke United Methodist Church, Political-Social Action Ministry (P-SAM), came to the campus to help educate and register over 50 eligible students at Texans Can Academy - Dallas Grant East. Students were taught about the process and were supplied voter registration applications. Once the upcoming elections begin, ACE and Texans Can Academy - Dallas Grant East will be driving registered students to the polls to vote.

“Texans Can Academies is committed to ensuring our students have the opportunity to become knowledgeable of, and participate in the political process,” said Texans Can Academy - Grant East assistant principal Amy Michelli. “It was rewarding to see many students activate their right to vote.”

Texans Can Academy - Dallas Pleasant Grove, Dallas Ross Avenue, Houston Hobby, and Fort Worth Westcreek are all hosting voter registration drives the first week of October. Texans Can Academy - San Antonio and San Antonio Highlands are continually helping eligible students register to vote, and one of the teachers at Texans Can Academy - Houston Southwest is certified to register voters and will continue to help students register during the school day up until the election.


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